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GoPro Wide HERO Camera Firmware Upgrade

The new firmware version includes the following benefits:

  • Improved auto exposure processing to help in extreme bright lighting conditions (like snow covered slopes)
  • Allows camera to record to larger SD cards (up to 8GB) and you can now record up to 4GB in one file

GoPro Firmware Upgrade Instructions

PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. This upgrade will not work with older 3MP GoPro HERO cameras.

STEP 1: Download/Copy Firmware Upgrade to SD Card

  1. Download the appropriate file for your particular model HERO camera (Note: you do not need to open this file):
  2. Download Firmware
  3. After downloading the firmware (, ensure that the file has been unzipped, leaving you with a file named "Main.elf"
  4. Put a blank SD card in your camera
  5. Connect your camera to your computer using the USB cable
  6. Drag the file onto the top (root) level of the SD card (this will be the first window when you open the card)
  7. Once the file is copied onto the card, you can disconnect the camera as you would normally

    Note: If you have a card reader, you can alternatively use it to copy the file onto the SD card without having to connect the camera using the USB cable.

STEP 2: Load Firmware Upgrade into Camera

Important: Before beginning these steps, please ensure that your camera is powered off. Also ensure that it is loaded with new or fully charged batteries (Lithium or NiMH recommended). If the camera's power supply is interrupted during firmware updating, the firmware may not load properly and the camera may require repairs before it can be used again.

  1. If it isn't already in the camera, insert the SD card with the firmware upgrade loaded on it
  2. Press the power button and release
  3. Then quickly press the power button again while simultaneously pressing the shutter button. DO NOT RELEASE THE BUTTONS
  4. Continue holding both the power and shutter button until the red light begins to flash quickly
  5. Once the red light begins to flash quickly, you can release both buttons. The camera's red light will continue to flash, which indicates that the firmware is loading into the camera's memory (this will take 5-10 seconds)
  6. Once the camera has finished loading the new firmware, it will turn itself off

The camera will now be using the new firmware version, which will have the following benefits:

  • allows camera to record to larger SD cards (up to 8GB) and you can now record up to 4GB in one file. See our selection of compatible SD cards
  • improved auto exposure processing to help in extreme bright lighting conditions (like snow covered slopes)

Firmware Tips

For best performance, please use only high write speed SDHC cards

Using slower write speed cards will cause the following:

  • longer camera power up time
  • longer file saving time after recording is stopped
  • longer file deletion times
  • delay in switching modes from auto photo to delete all files

The camera will automatically stop a single video recording at 4GB (1 hr 52 min). If using a card over 4GB, you can, however, initiate further recording to fill up the card.

In auto photo mode, the camera will not stop recording when 4GB is reached. If using a larger card, the camera will keep shooting photos until the batteries are depleted.

Firmware Troubleshooting

I can’t open the firmware file

  • you do NOT need to open the firmware file, but simply transfer it to the top level of the SD card

The firmware update will not start (red LED does not start blinking)

  • is the firmware file in the top level of the SD card? If the firmware file is not in this level, the firmware will not be able to upload

I lost power during the upload, and can no longer power on the camera

  • if the firmware upload was interrupted, the camera will not have a complete firmware and will no longer be able to power on. If this has happened, you will need to contact GoPro Support for further assistance.
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