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VholdR ContourHD and ContourHD1080p Mounting Tips

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Flat Surface Mount properly and eliminate those annoying mount vibrations resulting in a shaky video.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you attach the male side of the leash to the camera.

It’s really important to find a flat spot on the top or side of the helmet so the entire mount can be in contact. The same applies for any non helmet surfaces you select. To be extra sure the adhesive really holds, clean the mounting location with a little alcohol, waiting for the location to dry completely.

Remove the adhesive, press the mount onto the surface, and press it in place for a good 20-30 seconds. Allow to sit for at least 24 hours for maximum bonding.

Slide the camera all the way onto the mount until it clicks, going past the detent (grooves) on the rails. As you slide the camera into the mount it has a tendency of stopping half way, when the bump of the mount latches with the detent of the rails.

If you stop in the detents (grooves), the camera will have a little bit of play (will move a bit inside the mount). This is what causes much of the vibrations and blurriness in the videos.

Correct mount position
contourhd helmet mount correct position

Incorrect mount position
contourhd helmet mount incorrect position

Be sure to rotate the front lens so the text around the lens is right side up
as shown below.
contourhd helmet mount front view close up

The rails on the mount are adjustable so that you can attain whatever angle you want with your camera. To adjust the rail angle, you will need to separate the two parts of the flat surface mount – the inner disk and outer disk. You can only separate these disks with the camera installed on the mount. Before separating these disks, make certain the camera is slid ALL the way forward on the mount. If you do not, you risk breaking the camera rails. Once the camera is all the way forward on the mount, place your hand around the outer disk while using your other hand to peel the camera away at an angle until the disks separate. You will hear the Velcro separate that holds the flat surface mount together. You do need to use a little force when doing this as the Velcro VholdR uses in their mounts is very strong.

Separated mount shown below.
contourhd helmet mount separated

Once the disks are separated, position the camera to the desired angle and push the camera and inner disk back into the outer disk. It should click into place.

Although the adhesive of the flat surface mount is strong, you need to make a judgment call as to whether this mount is appropriate for your application. Take a look at other VholdR mounts available.

Attach the leash and you are ready to go.
Mounted ContourHD1080p shown below.
contourhd helmet mount side view

We hope you find this information useful and wish you all happy vibrations free videos.

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