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Bell Drop Full Face Helmet

Bell’s new Drop full face helmet combines the freedom of a light weight laminated fibreglass design with the protection of a full face helmet to keep that face looking prettier for longer. CPSC and ASTM certifications make this impact absorbing helmet the perfect choice for both the bike park and free-riding.

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Product Description

Bell Drop Full Face Helmet

Bell Drop Helmet

If your choice activities include freeride, slalom, BMX or downhill, the Drop full face Helmet from Bell is the lid you are looking for. The impact absorbing, hand-laminated fiberglass shell contains 7 vents, keeping your head cool - without sacrificing safety. The fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor™ and practical full face design keep you protected from anything that may come into rough contact with your melon. With it’s CPSC bicycle standard and ASTM downhill standard certifications, you can keep your mind focused on the ride instead of worrying about your safety. Weighing• Weight: 37 oz./1048g. • 7 vent design for maximum cooling. • CPSC Bicycle Safety Standard Certified, ASTM DH Certified. in at 37 oz (1048 g), Bell’s Drop Helmet is light on the head, offering a feeling of freedom while you ride. This hard-wearing, durable helmet will perform as hard as you, so check out our wicked selection, and up your cool factor.

Key Features

Full-Face Design

A sturdy Full-Face Design means maximum protection in the event of an epic bail, keeping your face looking pretty for longer.

Fully Adjustable Flying Bridge Visor

Originally developed for the Moto-8 motorcycle helmet, the fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor™ has since been adapted to the Drop Downhill/BMX helmet. This easy-to-adjust system uses two side-mounted adjusting screws along side a proprietary cam mechanism hold the visor firmly and securely in place. Without the need for a hard-to-reach center screw, this system makes visor adjustment a snap.

Integrated Roost Guard

The Integrated Roost Guard is a foam padded ring around the inside of the helmets chin bar. This foam fills the gap between the helmet opening and your face, keeping thrown up debris from other riders, out of your face.

Hand Laminated Fiberglass Shell

The use of a hand laminated fiberglass shell ensures a helmet with superior strength and protection. Designed to delaminate upon heavy impact, the fiberglass shell absorbs much of the impact instead of letting it reach your head.

Bell Drop Helmet Size Chart

Small (S)
Medium (M)
Large (L)
51 - 55 cm
20 - 21 ¾ in

55 - 59 cm
21 ¾ - 23 ¼ in

59 - 63 cm
23 ¼ - 24 ¾ in


Manufacturer Bell
  • Weight: 37 oz. / 1048g
  • 7 vent design for maximum cooling
  • CPSC Bicycle Safety Standard Certified, ASTM DH Certified


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