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Bell Sequence Bike Helmet

The Bell Sequence Bike Helmet provides snug and comfortable lightweight protection, perfect for full-on XC racing to free-riding. This helmet is equipped with simple one-hand adjust for a custom fit, while loads of deep channeled ventilation and a great design keep you feeling and looking your coolest.

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Product Description

Bell Sequence Bike Helmet

Bell Sequence Helmet

If you are into XC racing or simply enjoy free riding and cruising, the Bell Sequence Helmet could be just what you’re looking for. With 24 flow tuned vents designed to keep you cool and an adjustable visor to block the sun’s rays this helmet is a natural choice for any serious rider. The ultra light design weighs in at a mere 10.7 oz (305 g) and boasts an incredibly versatile fit thanks to the two way adjustable Twin Axis Gear (TAG) Fit System and Bell’s exclusive Geared Positioning System (GPS) Fit System. In addition to being CPSC and CE EN1078 Certified, the Sequence stands out with Bell’s Fusion In-Mold Microshell and durable Cam-Lock Levers, making it a safe and slick choice for any ride you choose to take. Are you looking for a lightweight helmet that will never hold you back from reaching mock speeds? Yeah, we thought so - check it out... this is the one for you.

Key Features

TAG Fit System

Bell Sequence Helmet Twin Axis Gear TAG Fit System
Bell's next-generation Twin Axis Gear™ (TAG) fit system adjusts to the head on two axes - circumferentially as standard fit systems do, but also horizontally to better accommodate differences in the up/down position of the occipital lobe. For added comfort, Bell has co-molded the system arms with soft rubber and positioned them higher to better accommodate eyewear. The result is the most adjustable, comfortable and easy-to-use fit system ever.

Fusion In-Mold Microshell

Bell Sequence Helmet Fusion In-Mold Microshell

The process of bonding the helmet’s microshell to its extruded polystyrene (EPS) foam layer is called In-Molding. The EPS foam is shot into the thin Microshell cap while it is still in the mold, rather than being formed separately and later taped into place; this produces a very solid and sturdy helmet. Pioneered by bell, this method is now industry standard for all high end helmets and is a standard feature on all of Bell’s helmets for adults and children alike.

GPS Fit System

Exclusive to Bell, the Geared Positioning System (GPS) Fit System delivers the ultimate one hand adjustment for superior fit, comfort and a glove like fit. Simply slide the dial to click-in to the perfect custom fit.

Internal Reinforcement

Bell Sequence Helmet Internal Reinforcement

In order to maximize venting and minimize bulk, high-end helmets feature internal reinforcement structures. These composite skeletons fortify helmets the same way re-bar makes concrete stronger, allowing for bigger vents, more advanced styling and lighter weight, while still meeting stringent safety standards.

Channeled Ventilation

Bell Sequence Helmet Channeled Ventilation

Specially designed with 24 flow tuned vents on the interior of the helmet’s liner, the Sequence brings cool air in through the front, allowing it to pass over the head while flushing out the warm air via the rear ports. You will notice an adaptation of this feature on the majority of Bell’s helmets, however the higher end models feature deeply sculpted channels which keep air moving, whether you’re ripping forward at mock speed, or huffing it up hill at a near standstill.

VPV Adjustable Visor

Bell Sequence Helmet Variable Position Visor (VPV)

Bell’s top-of-the-line Variable Position Visor allows for 15 degrees of horizontal adjustment by using an embedded clutch mechanism that holds the visor firmly at the desired angle. Changing the VPV’s angle just takes a simple up or down tug.

Cam-lock Levers

Bell’s easy to adjust Cam-Lock strap levers make adjusting the straps around your ears a snap. Simply open the cam, find a comfortable position and close the lever. That’s it.

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Bell’s easy to adjust Cam-Lock strap levers make adjusting the straps around your ears a snap. Simply open the cam, find a comfortable position and close the lever. That’s it.

Bell Sequence Helmet Size Chart

Small (S)
Medium (M)
Large (L)
51 - 55 cm
20 - 21 ¾ in

55 - 59 cm
21 ¾ - 23 ¼ in

59 - 63 cm
23 ¼ - 24 ¾ in


Manufacturer Bell
  • 10.7 oz. / 305g - super lightweight and comfortable
  • CPSC Certified, CE EN1078 certified


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