New Mounts from Contour

New Contour Mounts

Contour’s newest style of mounts for Surfboards, helmets and poles have recently been announced with the Surfboard and 360° Helmet Mount now in stock!

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Contour Agreement with Cerevo for Live-Streaming with “LiveShell”

Cerevo LiveShell

Cerevo LiveShell

Contour has announced a new partnership with Japan based Cerevo, Inc. to sell their live-streaming device, “LiveShell” to the US market. LiveShell is a complimentary device to the Contour+ Camera enabling owners to broadcast their experience live to the web via wireless or wired networks. Contour+ along with Cerevo LiveShell offers the only hands-free video solution that an broadcast live to the web!

A simple HDMI cable connects the Contour+ to LiveShell to bring real-time video broadcasting straight from the camera to the Ustream website. Collaboration among these three innovative companies delivers high-quality, live-broadcast video for the first time in the hands-free video market, letting adventurers share point-of-view footage as it’s captured. In addition to automatic sharing via Ustream, people can manually configure the Contour+ & LiveShell combo to broadcast live on other video platforms.


What is the resolution of the broadcasted video?

  • Max resolution is 4CIF format, which is 704x528 lines of resolution (standard video).  Lower resolutions are also available.

Where can I broadcast my Contour+ video?

  • Customers can broadcast their Contour+ footage live to
  • The Liveshell is the 1st “USTREAM Compatible” device in the world.
  • Simply create a USTREAM account and configure the Liveshell to broadcast to that account.

How does Liveshell connect to the internet?

  • The LiveShell can connect via Ethernet port or Wi-Fi.
  • Any available Wi-Fi network can be used to send live video content to USTREAM, even a mobile phone that is capable of creating a Wi-Fi “hotspot” could be used.
  • How is this different or better than the competition?

    • No competitors in the PoV camera space offer a solution that allows broadcasting live to the web. 
    • Current HDMI-to-Wi-Fi encoders are complex, difficult to setup and cost thousands of dollars.

    Where can I get more information about Cerevo and Liveshell?

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    Contour Connect Upgrades Announced at CES 2012

    Contour is leading the way on using your mobile phone to control your hands-free video camera with a new feature that allows users to start and stop recording on their Contour+ and ContourGPS using their mobile phone from up to 10 meters away.

    Combined with the existing Contour Connect mobile App for iOS and Android, the combined solution will allow you to preview your shot, adjust settings, and start/stop recording all wirelessly via BlueTooth. Additionally, with the Contour+ connected to a monitor via HDMI, your smartphone will become a remote to start/stop playback right on the display screen.

    Contour will be launching on Android first followed by other mobile operating systems. The App is slated for availability in April 2012.


    How does it work?
    ContourGPS and Contour+ use a connect view card (sold separately for the ContourGPS camera) that enable the camera to connect to your mobile phone.

    • The user needs to download the free Contour Connect Mobile App. Visit for full directions.
    • User turns on the BT on their camera and opens the mobile app. The default view is to see what the camera sees.
    • User can press the record button and the camera will begin recording. To stop recording the user has to press the same button in the app.
    • While in record mode the user can not change the settings or use any other features of the app

    What Can I do with the Contour Connect app?

    • Preview what your camera sees so you can align the shot
    • Change the camera settings in real-time including video/photo modes, audio, lighting, and GPS
    • See the memory card and battery status on your camera while in preview mode
    • See the status of your GPS signal while in preview mode
    • Start/stop recording of your Contour camera through the app
    • Control HDMI playback for the Contour+
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    GoPro HD HERO2 vs Contour+

    PointofViewCameras gives a quick demo of our two top performing cameras: the GoPro HD HERO2 and the Contour+.

    The Contour+ is left on a general setting in order to match the HD HERO2 as Mark Zealand takes a spin with both cameras in Vancouver, B.C.


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