GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac Combo available in Canada

GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac Combo Kit

The Wi-Fi Combo Kit enables remote control, live preview and playback on smartphones and tablets*, live streaming* to the web, and more. The WiFi Combo Kit is compatible with HD HERO2 and Original HD HERO cameras.

GoPro Wi-Fi Demo Video

Wi-Fi Remote

  • Control up to 50 cameras at a time, 600’ / 180m range
  • Full camera control: On/Off, Mode, Shutter and Settings
  • Wearable and waterproof to 10’ / 3m

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GoPro App + Smartphone or Tablet (Coming Soon)

  • Control your GoPro(s) with your smartphone or tablet
  • Live preview and playback video and photos from your GoPro(s)
  • Wi-Fi transfer* footage from your GoPro to your smartphone or tablet and share with friends
  • Live stream using your smartphone as a hotspot

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Live Streaming + Sharing Directly From Your GoPro (Coming Soon)

Live stream video or share photos and videos directly to the web from your GoPro, wherever you have a network connection*.

* A product update is REQUIRED before using your Wi-Fi BacPac or Remote. Visit for a free update download. The original HD HERO is only compatible with the Wi-Fi Remote. The original HD HERO does not support the GoPro App, video + photo preview/playback, or live streaming.

* Live video streaming to the web is available for the HD HERO2 with a free future downloadable product update at Wireless internet connection required; additional fees may apply. The Wi-Fi Remote does not require a Wi-Fi network as it creates its own Wi-Fi network. ** Supports iOS 4 and Android OS 2.2 and newer devices. For a full list of compatible devices, visit Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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V.I.O. collaborates with Fox UK on Prometheus [TRAILER]

V.I.O. is proud to announce collaboration with Fox UK on the new Ridley Scott production, Prometheus. V.I.O. products are the system of choice for production companies, extreme sports athletes and military forces worldwide; the selection of the POV.HD camera by FOX UK for this particular production was an easy choice.

V.I.O. collaborates with Fox UK on Prometheus

Fox UK comments:

“After evaluating a number of products, V.I.O. cameras were chosen as they provided both the technical and aesthetic requirements for the movie. When dealing with props, the look of the item is very important, and these cameras, being an important part of the suit, fulfilled that requirement. The full HD image quality enabled us to use real footage from the cameras, without having to re-film sequences separately. Their rugged design and high build quality kept the cameras working in the most extreme on-set conditions.”

The POV.HD’s native 1080P sensor shoots Full HD video and provides exceptional low-light performance—perfect for the conditions on set at Pinewood studios. The exposure compensation mode was a key feature to enable capture of detail in particularly dark scenes.

A wireless monitor bank gave live viewing capability of all actors’ point of view during the entire production; by using small wireless transmitters with the A/V port, the Director and DOP were able to watch the POV from all actors while on set.

Prometheus Still Frames

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