2010 Red Deer Motorcycle Show w/ ContourHD1080p

[Here is some 5dm2 footage from the Observed Trials Demo @ Red deer with some helmet cam put in! Video By: Mitch Brown Song - The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize. w/ VholdR ContourHD1080p footage]


Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from the community of Red Deer, Alberta were entertained at 6 shows, over 3 days at the 2010 event.

With 3 and 4 people deep spectators around a thousand foot area filled with man made obstacles and an old Plymouth, the Second Gear Club had a great time displaying just what you can do with a trials motorcycle. Riders Stephen Foord, Steve Doel, Heather Wall, Matt Coonfer, Max Josey and Lexi Pechout displayed Expert to Novice level skills. Then the Experts showed off some of their tricks with these torquey machines.

By the end of each show, the crowds were growing along with the spirit of the riders as they became ever more competent over each obstacle and even encouraging some trusting volunteers to lie down on the floor, 3 people thick, and have experts jump over them! A thrill for sure! The riders and numerous other members of the club built a new trials demo trailer that essentially unfolds transforming into a big box with various ramps and obstacles attached to it. A crowd pleaser that has our members inspired to participate in more trials demonstrations this year.

Thank you to the Red Deer Motorcycle Show and staff for inviting our club to participate, organizing the used car and booth to promote the club and providing a super venue.

Thank you to our volunteers for the setup of obstacles and the spotting of the riders. Of course, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the continued support of sponsors, specifically McKee Homes, Dr Doug Doel of Motion Chiropractic, Manor Real Estate Ltd. & MRSI who generously donated funding to support our trials demos!

The Second Gear Motorcycle Club (www.secondgearclub.com) is a not-for-profit registered society that promotes motorcycle events throughout Alberta.

Events include 6 race oval ice series, 5 observed trials and 5 hare scrambles and a street tour annually. With over 300 members and a core of 60+ volunteers, this club puts on a great show for spectators and an opportunity for racers of all abilities to compete.

New in 2010, a group of these members (riders at the Red Deer Motorcycle Show demo) created their own organization, the Offroad Motorcycle Training Institute, a not-for-profit society, to promote education by teaching experienced riders to be instructors as well as offering schools for all levels of riders.

Mitch Brown

helmet cam

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