Big in Bavaria with a gobanditGPS

Rocking out with the brand new gobandit GPS HD camera, Sam Pilgrim captures some sick jumps at the Big in Bavaria contest in Munich, Germany. The film is equipped with some pretty wicked skins as well, letting you view his date as he rides. Logging his speed, maximum speed and altitude, the gobandit is the perfect tool for comparing rides in order to improve stats, time and technique.

Sam crushed the majority of the competition securing 2nd place for DiamondBack in the mountain biking category. Along with the 2nd place title came a pretty sick prize: the Spigot for the Bavarian Keg of Beer and 5000 euros… not too shabby at all. The keg of beer to which Sam held the key just happened to be the 1st place prize, awarded to Martin Soderstrom with a time of 93.00 for NS Bikes. Lastly, 3rd place winner Yannick Granieri came in with a time of 88.25 for Commencal was awarded the Hammer for the Spigot for the Bavarian Keg of Beer and 2500 euros. The group effort provided the riders with a pretty slick reward, after a heavy day of riding.

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