Blair Jones Rippin' It Up at Whistler Crankworx 2010

Rocking Whistler Crankworx 2010 with his crazy, custom off-road wheelchair designed for tearing up the trails, Blair Jones proves that nothing can hold you back when you have a determined and driven attitude. Conquering the mountain runs of Whistler, BC like a pro, Blair’s anything goes attitude is a total motivator to anyone who as ever had to overcome an extreme physical hardship in their life. Proving that the body is meant to go on and rock the landscape with no regrets or limitations. We give a shout out to Blair Jones for catching the wicked video, for rippin’ it up old school and for getting everybody’s adrenaline pumpin’.

Decked out with a couple of Drift HD170’s, a couple of ContourHDs and a single GoPro HD HERO, Blair did a number of runs down the mountain, catching some insane air, which you get to see first hand thanks to the placement of cameras at every possible viewing angle around the vehicle. The way this cat handles his converted wheelchair/cycle is incredible - proving that upper body strength is important, evident in his insanely massive arms! Landing some pretty sick jumps, you can almost feel the rush as he glides through the air - feeling your body tense as contact is made with the earth. With this type of ride, few epic bails are inevitable, but Blair managed to escape the carnage with little more than an ‘oops’, and the addition of a wicked battle wound, which can be seen up close at the end of the clip. The end of the clip has Blair heading back to the top on the gondola to do it all again… right on brotha!

Compiled by’s Mark Zealand, the footage is mixed to “Robot Radio” by The Tito Deville Band matching the vibe and energy of all the action.

We congratulate Blair on his wicked athletic achievements and appreciate having had the opportunity to see his ride from his point of view.

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By Michael
19 10 2010 at 04:30 PM

I know you are trying to show off the POV cams, but it shure would be nice to actually see real video of Blair blowing down the trail. The POV cams are a nice touch to a real video, but leave a lot to be desired and get really boring after about 30 seconds. 3 minutes and I was about to puke.

Tear it up!

By Felix Ballerstedt
20 10 2010 at 09:20 AM

breathtaking performance.
amazing achievement.
very impressed.

By Downhill Phil
29 11 2010 at 06:40 AM

Nice video man! Getting some good air off those jumps… pity it got a bit upside down : (
I broke my collarbone when I flipped my 4 wheeler and landed on the same bit of my shoulder… so I know how much it hurts crashing!
Its good to see more riderz on the scene and Im looking forward to the “new build” project he talks about in Mountain Biking UK this month : )

By PointOfViewCameras
29 11 2010 at 09:43 AM

@Downhill Phil Thanks Phil! Hope you are all healed by now. Blair is a great guys and he rips. Took a look at your website. Awesome to see you guys have one dedicated to the sport. Do you have any video you would like to share with us? Let us know if you need any POV cameras. We’d be into giving a special discount to all of the club members. Shipping is only 1-2 days from our UK site: