Police In Canada Testing Helmet Cams

helmet cam

Lights.  Camera.  Action.  Though familiar to movie and television sets around the world, these three words are the newest to enter the vocabulary of police officers in Canada.  No, police officers aren’t filming a Canadian version of cops, nor are they the stars of Canada’s newest reality TV program.  These police officers are employing high-tech helmet cameras to help fight crime. 

These convenient little cameras can be easily mounted to a helmet or glasses and capture visual images as well as sound.  The idea was first tried in the United Kingdom.  Police there reported great success as they were able to visually document acts of inappropriate or illegal behavior.  The policemen also reported that less people argued with rulings and indictments due to video evidence.  The videos also help keep the policemen and honest and hard working. 

Success in the UK has prompted members of the Victoria police force in Canada to try the new technology.  Though they have no set plans to equip all officers with the helmet cams, they are testing it out.  A number of policemen in patrol cars, bicycles and other fields will be equipped with the cameras and test them for a period of time.  Canada Law Enforcement officials feel confident that they will see success with the helmet cams.

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