Learning About the ContourGPS with Christie from Contour

Christie from Contour talks to Mike B. of PointofViewCameras about the all new ContourGPS HD Camera, covering its sick, new features that are changing the way we all think about POV video.

You would expect a new product from an existing company to have many new features and some minor adjustments, and the Contour GPS definitely conforms to that theory, however Contour did manage to maintain a variation of their slim and streamlined body to which we’ve all grown accustomed. The new record button does sit a little higher than the previous button, making the ContourGPS slightly too large for the existing Waterproof Case to accommodate it… but Contour will be releasing a new version, just for the GPS model, later this year, or early 2011.

The all new ContourGPS retains the same incredible range of high definition settings as the previous ContourHD models, enabling you to tailor video quality to your specific needs and sports. Whether you’re hitting the surf, the trails, the slopes or the sky… you can be confident that you’re set up to capture the best possible footage with the proper HD mode. This camera is also able to house an SD card capacity of up to 32GB, so live in the moment, record your heart out and sift through it all for the perfect shots later.

So… whats different?

The ContourGPS is changing the way we shoot and share video, because now, with GPS positioning, you can now track your entire adventure, while documenting altitude, speed, top speed and location, see it in action here. This is pretty rad for locating those wicked, undiscovered trails and runs, allowing you to map and share them with everyone… upping your game with new and ever changing terrain. In addition, the Contour GPS plays this info back via an interactive map and video player, letting you pinpoint your exact location, right before your eyes. How cool is that!

The ContourGPS has also blessed us with its new and improved microphone, which has changed locations from the bottom of the camera to the front, just below the lens. Developed by an actual rocket scientist, the brand new, omnidirectional mic beefs up audiio recording quality, while eliminating excess wind noise.

Another useful new feature is the latched and locking rear hatch, which is a huge improvement over the previous version, providing increased security. The ContourGPS also comes with the new Rotating Flat Surface Adhesive Mount, which enables an easier capture of creative angles from wherever you happen to have it mounted.

Equipped with Contour’s fool proof Storybook application software, getting your videos from the ContourGPS to your computer is simple, letting you edit that footage and get it up online with minimal effort.

This is it folks, the next step for point of view video as it marches toward the future, so check it out for yourselves. Pre-orders are currently being taken for the Contour GPS HD Camera, with limited quantities to be available as early as October 4th, 2010.

Check out our ContourHD 1080p to ContourGPS audio recording comparison to see how these two stand up to each other.

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By proedgebiker.com
29 09 2010 at 01:16 PM

Nice, Cant wait till they arrive!

By Johnny I
25 10 2010 at 06:36 PM

Is it possible to record without using the GPS?  I’m interested in having the option of using the GPS on or off the display.

By PointofViewCameras
26 10 2010 at 08:21 AM

Hello. It is possible to view the footage without the GPS. The GPS will only display when you are viewing your recordings in Contour’s Storybook Application.

By Doug K
28 10 2010 at 02:32 PM

Can you post the Contours GPS Video files to You Tube or other video sites? Can you turn off the GPS unit when not needed in your video?