Compare the Professionals - POV. 1 and HCR-100X go Camera Head to Camera Head

You want the best quality picture, usability with the newest recording technology has to offer. And you’re choosing from VIO’s POV. 1 (or 1.5) and HoyTech’s HCR-100X. There are descriptions, there are specs, there are rants, raves and reviews. But you just want the facts. Get them here:

Both cameras are fantastic with a comparable high video rating and frames per second, and will give you professional footage.Though the POV 1 (1.5) is the more popular camera, due to its usability and flexible mounting options, both have some distinct additional benefits, that will help you decide which one is best for you. See below:

The POV.1’s additional benefits:

Special Price POV. 1: $559.95

  • Water Resistance: The POV’s DVR is water resistant up to 10 m, where as the HCR 100X’s DVR is splash proof. This gives you some flexibility, in case you wanted to take it kayaking or snorkeling etc.
  • Memory: The POV has up to 8GB capability whereas the HCR 100X has up to 4GB
  • Power: you can either use 4 AA batteries with an average battery runtime of 5 hours, or the power hatch, with unlimited power (just plugs right in to your motorbike), whereas, the avg runtime of the HCR 100X propietary battery unit is 3 hours (rechargeable)
  • Hands Free Control: The POV can be turned on and off using a remote.The infrared remote control for the HCR-100X camera can only be used for stopping and starting playback on your tv or other viewing device.

The NEW and SENSATIONAL POV.1.5 model has also come out with the above benefits in addition to an improved camera head and ultra-versatile star mount.

The HCR 100X’s additional benefits:

Special Price: $529.99

  • Lens interchangeability: The HCR 100X is the only system that used std M12 lenses so you can swap wide/narrow etc. Great for achieving sweeping wide-angle scenic shoots or the zoomed-in action shoots
  • Image Quality:The HCR-100X operates with a CCD image censor (whereas the POV uses a CMOS image censor) The CCD offers better picture quality in low light situations, ie;on cloudy days, when you’re under the tree canopy or late/early in the day.Also the advanced recording algorithm was designed specifically for fast-motion videos which creates fewer comperssion artifacts resulting in better slightly better picture quality.
  • Weight: Though both units are relatively lightweight, the HCR 100X is roughly half the weight of the POV.

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