Contour Agreement with Cerevo for Live-Streaming with “LiveShell”

Cerevo LiveShell

Cerevo LiveShell

Contour has announced a new partnership with Japan based Cerevo, Inc. to sell their live-streaming device, “LiveShell” to the US market. LiveShell is a complimentary device to the Contour+ Camera enabling owners to broadcast their experience live to the web via wireless or wired networks. Contour+ along with Cerevo LiveShell offers the only hands-free video solution that an broadcast live to the web!

A simple HDMI cable connects the Contour+ to LiveShell to bring real-time video broadcasting straight from the camera to the Ustream website. Collaboration among these three innovative companies delivers high-quality, live-broadcast video for the first time in the hands-free video market, letting adventurers share point-of-view footage as it’s captured. In addition to automatic sharing via Ustream, people can manually configure the Contour+ & LiveShell combo to broadcast live on other video platforms.


What is the resolution of the broadcasted video?

  • Max resolution is 4CIF format, which is 704x528 lines of resolution (standard video).  Lower resolutions are also available.

Where can I broadcast my Contour+ video?

  • Customers can broadcast their Contour+ footage live to
  • The Liveshell is the 1st “USTREAM Compatible” device in the world.
  • Simply create a USTREAM account and configure the Liveshell to broadcast to that account.

How does Liveshell connect to the internet?

  • The LiveShell can connect via Ethernet port or Wi-Fi.
  • Any available Wi-Fi network can be used to send live video content to USTREAM, even a mobile phone that is capable of creating a Wi-Fi “hotspot” could be used.
  • How is this different or better than the competition?

    • No competitors in the PoV camera space offer a solution that allows broadcasting live to the web. 
    • Current HDMI-to-Wi-Fi encoders are complex, difficult to setup and cost thousands of dollars.

    Where can I get more information about Cerevo and Liveshell?

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