Contour Connect View in Action

It was a tight squeeze, but we made it!

Brooks and I decided to have a little fun with the new Connect View from Contour.

If you don’t know what this new gizmo is yet it’s worth paying attention to this next line…

The Contour Connect View allows you to wirelessly preview what you are about to shoot with your smart phone.

And this one…

You can now change all your settings in field, on the go, with your phone!

Crazy, or what?!?

Contour Connect View iPhone App

So… basically, this is just the beginning from the folks at Contour. Now that the ContourGPS has Bluetooth capabilities the possibilities are endless. The first app available is the Contour Camera App for iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to do what I just mentioned above.

Another cool feature that Contour has added is called GPS Assist which will connect you even faster and more efficiently. It updates with the latest satellite information every time you connect with your ConourGPS to the mobile app using GPS AssistNow.

Brooks and I had a blast making a silly little video showing how you can use your camera as a back up cam. But I’m sure you guys can figure out much more creative ways to use this new feature.

The bottom line… it’s only going to get easier to dial in your ContourGPS and who knows what Apps Contour is going to come out with next. Stay tuned…

Download the latest firmware for your ContourGPS here.

Check out our Connect View Review for more details.

Mark Zealand

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