Contour+ Contour Plus Box Opening

Contour+ Retail Box

We just received our first Contour+ camera to take a look at and try out.

The Contour Plus is the next progression in hands-free video from Contour. Designed as their first hands-free camera for the true filmer, the Contour + delivers expanded capabilities and supplemental features to capture not only the action, but also the full story with depth, focus, and clarity.

Some of the key new features with the Contour+

  • HDMI output
  • Increased field of view from 135° to 170°
  • Built in Bluetooth capabilities
  • Built in GPS
  • Microphone input

Contour+ is Contour’s answer to user demands for a modern action cameras. The lack of a viewfinder and less than ideal sound had been issues often brought up by their clients. It appears Contour has listened and came up with solutions to those difficulties.

Packed with a market leading mix of technology, the Contour+ features a six-element glass lens, full 1080p video quality, adjustable white balance for dialing in the details of each location, and a broader perspective with a F 2.8, super wide angle 170° lens, integrating peripherals and backdrops that get cropped with a narrower focus.

Now that we have one of these in our hands, the obvious next step is to put it to the test!

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