Contour GPS Camera Unboxing Video and Photos

We are super excited about the arrival of the brand new Contour GPS HD Camera!
With that, of course, comes an exciting box opening video of this stellar, all new camera to show you what you get when you crack a fresh new Contour GPS.

As usual, we’ve got Brooks from hosting this first time box opening… but this time… the packaging stays in tact. Watch as he covers the contents of the package, the details of the camera and the new improved features of this top notch wearable GPS enabled camera.

ContourGPS HD Camera. Click to see larger.

By downloading Contour’s exclusive Storybook Application, you are free to edit your videos and export them with all the excitement and logged information you recorded while out in the field. By posting them to Contour’s online gallery, you can also connect to many other extreme folks, while sharing your videos with all the data in tact, right there on the screen.

Storybook Software    Storybook Software

Storybook Software    Storybook Software
Screenshots of Contour’s Storybook Application. Click to see larger.

The GPS functionality makes the ContourGPS a staple for the world of back country anything, allowing you to capture every heart pounding moment, while documenting your speed, altitude and location. This camera take Point of View Video to a whole new level - and folks… we are just about to make some GPS enabled videos this weekend so subscribe to our POV YouTube Channel

helmet camhelmet cam
ContourGPS HD Camera and box contents. Click to see larger.

Check out how you can change the way you document your adventures with the Contour GPS HD Camera - and say hello to the future of video! Interested in how the sound quality of the Contour GPS differs? Take a look at our ContourHD 1080p to ContourGPS audio recording comparison to see how these two stand up to each other.

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