Dendrite Studios Travels to Utah w/ the GoPro HD

´╗┐In late February, 2010, Nicolas Teichrob, of Dendrite Studios, traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, to compete as an invited photographer in the Ski Salt Lake Shootout.  This photo competition gives 8 ski photographers 4 days on 4 different mountains with 4 different pairings of athletes, to produce the best possible images in 5 categories. 

Travelling with ski gear by plane was a first for Teichrob, so he documented his travels in a way that may be out of the ordinary; with a GoProHD.  The GoProHD provided the perfect tool for solo filming and allowed him to shoot both time lapse stills and video.  With the variety of mounts available with the GoProHD, he was able to provide unique perspectives on the sometimes boring activity of flying.  As a producer for Dendrite Studios (link to, Perspectives #7 web clip was produced as a result, combining GoProHD travel footage alongside beautiful still imagery.  The final image in the webisode is titled “Surrounded” and is of Leo Ahrens, and it won the City Lifestyle category.

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Shots: The GoProHD’s capability to shoot in low light was great, and the ease of setting up the camera to shoot a timelapse or two is great as well.  To capture some of the unique angles, Nicolas strapped the camera to his bags using the ‘Chesty’ chest mounting harness.  With this, he was able to attach the camera to various bags as he wheeled them around Vancouver and the airport.  Warning: if you do not make the strap tight enough, or put some safety line on it, you may lose your camera (which almost happened 2 minutes into the trip as Nicolas was wheeling his ski bag on the bumpy ground getting onto the BC Ferries).  Another super useful mount as the clamp mount, usually associated with the VIO cameras (VIO UltraClamp mount).  This is a versatile mount that has been used frequently by Dendrite Studios.  To see more Perspectives webisodes and upcoming teasers of their debut ski film, stay locked on

Overall, this was the first time Dendrite Studios used the GoProHD specifically as a tool to get unique travel shots and it worked flawlessly.  Couple that with the ease of capturing ski imagery and you have yourself one fine tool that should be added to any filmmakers arsenal.

Nicolas Teichrob
~Dendrite Studios

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By Mahlah
16 04 2010 at 02:15 PM

Great job Nicolas!! The video is excellent! Did you guys ever get your ski stuff back?