Checking out What’s in the Box with the Drift HD170

Drift HD170 Box Opening

The arrival of the Drift HD170 has definitely got folks talking… and we’re no different. The pre release demo we received provided us with some excellent opportunities to capture some great test videos, so take a look at our Drift HD170 review and see what you think. The demo also gave us a chance to run through the contents of the box, in order to see, and show you how great this camera is.

A Body Like this is gets Loads of Attention.

The HD170 feels more substantial than the previous X170. It has more weight and a better overall feel, while maintaining the slim, lightweight qualities we loved about the prior model. Encased in the same rubberized coating, this camera give you a sturdy grip with zero slippage - and it is waterproof up to .5 meters, which makes this camera a great candidate for wet, mucky conditions… and rainy days, where puddle splash is probable.

Another great body feature is the inclusion of the full color, 1.5” LCD screen, so, you can now playback your footage immediately to make sure want you’ve recorded is worthy of keeping… 

Integrated into the camera is a rechargeable lithium battery which lets you say goodbye to the inevitable purchase of batteries and be a little more eco friendly - with a simple recharge.

Accessories and Options to Satisfy Every Filming Need.

To get you started on some killer footage, the HD170 Action Sports Camera includes a pretty impressive selection of mounts, right in the box. You’ve got a goggle mount, a head strap and a helmet grip which lets your wear HD170 through many sports, while the handle bar mount, universal clip, velcro strap and industrial strength Velcro adhesive pad let you get creative with your mounting options.

Record with ease… even when the camera is mounted in a tricky location, with the included remote control. You are free to start and stop recording with the push of a button, instead of having to fumble around on your head for the controls.

It’s Never Been Easier to Playback your Videos.

The Drift HD170 Action Sports Camera includes a USB cable, which lets you download your footage straight to your computer, but it also charges your battery when it’s connected! So charge up while you download. But it doesn’t stop there… you also get an HDMI cable, so playback directly to your TV from your camera is a snap. How convenient is that?

Get Started with a Snap

Not sure how to manage all the crazy functions on your new Drift HD170 Camera? No worries… in the box, you also get a quick guide - which reads in several different languages, so you will be cranking out wicked footage in no time flat. Too boot, if something happens to go wrong… Drift includes a 1 year Manufacturers Warranty - so you’re covered.

Drift HD170

So there you have it, a wicked HD camera with an unreal selection of accessories - all wrapped up within a well designed, neat little package. Our first shipment of the Drift HD170 will be arriving on Monday July 26, 2010 and there are a few units still up for grabs… so act fast!

But if you aren’t in a huge hurry, the next batch should be arriving in early August, 2010.

Check out some great product shots at our Flickr Drift HD170 Photo Gallery.


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