Flatland BMX: Chase Gouin Keepin it Real!

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CHASE GOUIN (brakeless) Flatland freestyle machine, the sickest, illest rider to hit the pavement, this dude can skool anyone hands down

What is Flatland BMX?

Flatland BMX - Wikipedia
Flatland is a freestyle BMX riding style performed on smooth flat surfaces that do not include any ramps, jumps, or grindrails. It is sometimes described as a form of artistic cycling with a blend of breakdancing.

Flatland occupies a position somewhat removed from the rest of freestyle BMX. People who ride in the above disciplines will generally take part in at least one of the others, but flatlanders tend to only ride flatland. They are often very dedicated, and will spend several hours a day perfecting their techniques.

Flatland also differs from the others in that the terrain used is nothing but a smooth, flat surface. Tricks are performed by spinning and balancing on the bike in a variety of unexpected positions. Riders almost always use either knurled/grip taped aluminum or plastic pegs to stand on to manipulate the bike into even stranger positions.

A variety of options is commonly found on flatland bikes. The most unifying feature of flatland bikes is the use of four pegs, one on the end of each wheel axle. Flatlanders will choose to run a front brake (or a dual front brake; one front brake with two brake levers using one brake cable), front and rear brakes, or no brakes at all, depending on stylistic preference.

“electronical” - Chase Gouin (old school)

Chase Gouin - Another Classic!

Matthias Dandois & Adam Kun 2009 Nyíregyháza, Hungary Sevisual HT

BMX Flatland Pro Riders

BMX Flatland World Circuit 2010
Tips, Tricks and a whole lot MORE!

Would love to see some helmet cam vids—closeup and personal of the Flatland BMX stylez. If you have anything to share, let us know. Happy riding!

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