The ContourHD 1080p - Flying High

2-way fun dive with Aurel

An excellent and extremely clear video showcasing the quality footage you can get from the ContourHD 1080p. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of watching skydiving videos like this! Nice one guys!!!
[2-way warm up with Aero before the night Jump. Test of contour HD 1080p camera. Sunset Load.]

Contour HD 1080p - snowboard in Poland

A beautiful day for getting some snowboard video action rockin! VholdR!
[A small camcorder in action, mounted to goggle strap. Recording resolution: 1280x720 with 60fps. song name: “A Jagged´╗┐ Gorgeous Winter” by main drag] 

Contour HD 1080p / R1200GS / Spain 23

Motorsports Fans! Are you itchin for some test video to see what the ContourHD 1080p can really do out on the road? Well you got it!! You can check out the sound quality here too!
[no info available]

Contour HD 1080p Review

I’m sure you’ve seen this before—Old news perhaps, but for those who haven’t had a chance to check it out, here’s a great review on the ContourHD 1080p entitled “ContourHD 1080p Initial Impressions” from the MTB Gear Tech Blog   CLICK HERE

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