GoPro 3D HERO SYSTEM Demo Video and Initial Review

Here is a quick break down on how the 3D HERO System works. You just put two GoPro HD HERO’s in the housing, one upside down and the other right side up. Connect the two cameras with the sync cable that comes with the 3D HERO System. Power each of them up like you normally would. When your ready to shoot, just hit the one shutter button.

Each GoPro captures the footage on the the individual SD cards. When your are finished making your first epic 3D movie you simply import it into CineForm Studio, a free editing platform provided by GoPro. Just select one of the files and the editing program matches up the matching file from the other camera automatically! I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was to create a POV 3D movie.. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

GoPro 3D HERO System

The 3D editing program is very simple, if you want to edit a series of 3D converted clips simply open up your editing platform and import the converted 3D footage. After you are done, export to desktop, bring the 3D movie into the 3D platform, then export it for YouTube. I did it with Final Cut Pro and now have my first video of the Telus Fest in 3D is on YouTube.

Another cool feature is that you still have the 2D option. Just save the RAW footage from the right GoPro and thats your 2D footage! 

This will change POV videos guys, It’s going to be a whole new level for certain sports. Cant wait to make a crazy 3D mountain bike vid on the North Shore. 

What has really impressed me is how good the image can look on your computer monitor. If you don’t believe me, go splurge on a cheap pair of red/cyan anaglyph glasses and see for yourself!

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