First Person High Def with GoPro

helmet cam

If you’re looking for a hands-free camera to capture sports events, outdoor adventures,
or even underwater dives, GoPro might have the camera for you.  The first affordable, yet
professional, HD head cam - “HD Helmet Hero” is hitting the shelves soon.

GoPro and other sports head cams have been used for years by the professionals. 
Production crews often strap helmet cams to X-games athletes, skydivers, bungee jumpers,
surfers and more.  But until today, there’s never been a similar camera available to the

This HD Helmet Hero Camera is selling for $299.  It comes with adjustable straps to wrap
around any kind of helmet, and runs on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.  The lens is
wide angle which allows for a great range of visibility, yet the image is a clear
1980x1080 pixels at 30 frames per second.  The media records at 12 megabytes per second
on an SDHC card.  Handy accessories will be available soon as well, including a wireless
stereo mic and remote, an LCD backpack and an extra battery pack.

First person movies have never been more popular throughout TV and film history.  Since the
advent of Youtube and other home-made movie sharing sites, guerrilla film-making and low
budget first person shorts have been steadily on the rise.  With an easy to use 1080p HD
camera such as this, we’re likely to see more impressive first person style movies from
views we’ve never seen before.

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