GoPro HD Hero Takes Wicked Photos Too!

What about GoPro HD Hero photos?

We all know the GoPro HD Hero takes breathtaking videos, but there’s not much info out there on the photos it takes.  This summer I put it to the test on a couple vacations and was very impressed with the results.

With many different modes to choose from, I have become a big fan of the 2-second auto photo mode.  Once set-up, this mode takes a photo every two seconds until …forever.  These 5MP photos are as crisp and colorful as we see in real life and help you remember the most memorable moments of your day.

GoPro Kite Hero

The Hero also acts as a regular digital camera, just without the screen. With such a wide lens it can get spectacular scenic shots aside from the regular POV photos it takes. I also find the GoPro HD Hero picks up sunset colors beautifully without trying to adjust like a regular point and shoot camera would.

GoPro Kite Hero

Not only does the GoPro HD Hero act as a regular digital camera, it is also waterproof.  During my latest trip to Nitinaht, BC, I wanted to get a shot from the water with all the mountains in the background because you can’t see them from the protected shoreline. I safetied the camera to my wrist, got on the water and went photo-crazy.

GoPro Kite Hero

Along with being waterproof, the Hero can also take a beating so there’s no reason not to show off to the camera when on the water. With a photo being taken every two seconds, the camera wont miss any of your tricks.

GoPro Kite Hero

Just be careful how you land because we all know that the GoPro Hero HD does not miss a beat.

GoPro Kite Hero

The mounts used in these photos include the tripod mount and the kite hero line mount. The GoPro HD Wrist Strap Mount would have been perfect for this as well, but Brendan will be testing one as soon as they arrive in mid October.

~Brendan, Big Fall Productions~

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