GoPro Releases the HD Hero Wrist Housing Expansion Kit and more

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GoPro HD Hero Wrist Housing Expansion Kit. Click to view larger.

The long wait for some of GoPro‘s exciting new accessories is finally over, enabling you to extend the function of your HD HERO for maximum versatility and creativity.

GoPro HD Hero Wrist Housing Expansion Kit

We’ve been hearing about the HD Hero Wrist Housing Expansion Kit for sometime now, but it is finally available for order for those HD Hero users seeking a higher level of convenience for shooting on the go - in and out of the water. This wrist worn waterproof housing continues to make GoPro cameras some of the most versatile on the planet!

This wrist housing was originally designed to be used for surfing the big waves of Northern California, but is such an adaptable piece of equipment for so many other applications big and small. It is the perfect option for those times when a conventional camera just can’t be managed… because this mount gives you the power to record HD video and high resolution stills with minimal effort.

Engineered for maximum durability and convenience, the patented design of the Wrist Housing Expansion Kit allows it to be worn flat against your wrist and when that perfect shot arises, it easily pivots upward so you can record, while it remains attached to your wrist. This makes it the perfect companion for surfing, kayaking and kitesurfing, where one wrong move could send your camera deep to the depths of the water! The Wrist Housing Expansion Kit also mounts easily to paddles and the leading edge of kitesurfing kites, enabling the user to grab some unique shots. But it doesn’t have to end there, because the versatility of this piece allows you create the most interesting filming opportunities - just use your imagination!

GoPro HD Skeleton Quick-Release Housing

skeleton quick release housing
GoPro Skeleton Quick Release Housing. Click to view larger.

Another new GoPro HD Hero accessory to the market that is now available to all of you is the GoPro HD Skeleton Quick-Release Housing. This housing features open sides, which enables easy cable connection for live video feed out of the camera, but also provides a significant level of cooling when using the camera within hot environments. The Skeleton Quick Release Housing also produces enhance audio recording when used in non-windy situations, as it is capturing sound without a plastic barrier covering the mic.

Don’t Have an HD Hero? Why not try out the Affordable 960p

960 HD Hero

The above 2 products are compatible with GoPro HD Hero models only, but if you are looking to make the jump into HD, consider the New GoPro HD Hero 960p camera. Offered at a great price point, this camera works with both the HD Skeleton Quick Release and the Wrist Housing Expansion Kit.

Look Back at Yourself with the Helmet Front Mount

helmet cam    helmet front mount
GoPro Helmet Front Mount. Click to view larger.

Congruent with all GoPro models, is the new GoPro Helmet Front Mount, which allows for low profile mounting on the front of your helmet. This mount also extends out in front of you, allowing you to turn the camera back on yourself for self portrait style videos and photos. 

There you have it folks, GoPro‘s latest product releases designed to increase your cameras functionality making the capture of your life and times on video that much memorable. So check them out, and expand your filming possibilities!

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