Holly Beck takes the GoPro HD Swimming w/ Whale Sharks

GoPro HD Motorsports HERO
[From the mountains of Montana to the high rises of Chicago to the legendary track at Laguna Seca, GoPro HD HERO Camera records it all… and with impeccable onboard sound.
Shot in 1080p and 960p HD resolution. 1080p is a 16:9 aspect ratio utilizing the 127 degree viewing angle. 960p is a 4:3 aspect ratio utilizing the 170 degree viewing angle. Pick your fancy. Versatility is key in capturing your best HERO moments.]

GoPro HD Helmet HERO
[GoPro invades the Breckenridge Dew Tour. Stunning snowboarding footage captured at 720p at 60 fps and 960p. Shot entirely with the HD HERO camera using GoPro’s helmet, headstrap, chest and handlebar mount clamped onto a ski pole. Music by: Finn Riggins]

[Shot on a GoPro HD Hero Pro Kit developed by www.RaceRecall.com.au While practicing for the final race in the World Championship, the crew Hooters had a lucky escape when their V8 Jet boat ran of the course, narrowly missing a group of officials. Luckily, no-one was seriously injured.]

GoPro HD Helmet HERO
[Neil Amonson and the World Base Races in Norway. Shot in 960p HD resolution. Music by David Eli Kelley]

GoPro HD Surf HERO
[Holly Beck dives with a Whaleshark in Baja, California. Shot in 960p HD resolution. Music by David Eli Kelley]

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