Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

A good friend and customer of Point of View Cameras, Murray Titus, Cameraman for CTV Chopper 9 set out to Hawaii with his new HD HERO2 camera.

“Honu” or Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle was shot in the waters of the Big Island of Hawaii. It was shot entirely using a GoPro HD HERO2 with a flat lens mod and GoPole Grenade Grip. Special thanks to a local Hawaiian named Camille and her family who’s respect and reverence for the Honu was the inspiration for the making of this video.

The music used is entitled “Jacques Cousteau” by Erasure from The Boy EP and acts as an ‘homage to my childhood fantasy of joining the crew of the “Calypso” and Jacques Cousteau. Feel free to share with your friends and take the time to educate yourself about the Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) and the health of our oceans. Enjoy!

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