Upgrade Your Brain To HD With The VholdR ContourHD

helmet cam

A lot of people probably thought that their brain already worked in HD, but for those people who know that they need to have a better, higher resolution POV camera for that, there’s the VholdR ContourHD. It’s the first HD wearable camcorder, and it comes with both a goggle mount and a flat surface mount included. You can get other VholdR ContourHD mount options, too, like one that lets you attach it to your handlebars. That’s a great choice for people who like to mountain bike or use their dirt bikes, as well as people who enjoy trail riding, long distance riding, or doing extreme bike tricks like jumps.

No matter what you like to do, though, the VholdR ContourHD will be there for you, in HD. With a price tag of $280, almost anyone can buy this great HD POV camera and start taking some amazing video of whatever they like to do. These kinds of cameras are still seen most often by the people who are interested in extreme sports, but the VholdR ContourHD can really be used for just about anything. That’s great news for people who have been interested in POV cameras for a long time but who haven’t felt like they could justify buying a good one because of the cost. Now you can have an HD brain for a great price, making the VholdR ContourHD a great investment for anyone interested in POV cameras. 

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