How Durable Are Helmet Cameras?

helmet cam

How many digital cameras have you gone through?  Me, a couple.  I lost one, dropped one, and damaged the other in the sand.  Given my carelessness I seem to always have the latest in digital camera technology.  Although the cameras take great pictures, they seem to be extremely fragile.  If I am honest, it is a miracle my iPhone has held up so long.  However, I do have a case for it.  So, when I saw the latest advertisements for the helmet cameras I’ll admit to being skeptical.

I am an adventurous athlete.  When I am out of the waves or riding my bike, I like to go to all extremes.  Would the camera hold up to that?  Or, would it hold me back?

According to various product ratings, helmet cameras are in fact extremely durable.  They are made to hold up to the conditions you subject them to.  So, if you want to take that big wave, go for it.  Also, people from all different sports use them, even racecar drivers.  Additionally, military personnel use helmet cams.  And, everyone says that these helmets and their cameras are so durable a truck could run over them and nothing would happen.  So if you were holding back because you were worried about durability, stop.  Go out and buy a helmet camera today.

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