Police In Blackwood, New Jersey Crack Down On Anti-Social Behavior With Helmet Cams

helmet cam

Police in the Blackwood, NJ area have taken crime fighting to a whole new level.  Partnering with another neighborhood safety group, the Blackwood police force has taken their work by the hand – and the head.  Like many towns, members of the Blackwood neighborhood are concerned with inappropriate behavior, especially that of the younger generation. 

To combat this disruptive behavior, which includes a group meeting weekly to cruise around recklessly in their vehicles, the police force has employed a few officers with bikes and helmet cameras.  A handful of Blackwood policemen are now fully equipped with helmet cams to capture and hopefully deter anti-social behavior in the neighborhood.  The police can now easily and effortlessly capture footage of anti-social behavior.  This footage can be used later as evidence. 

Also, the police hope that just the presence of these cameras will help preempt acts of anti social behavior.  The Blackwood police force has not set any time frame for the use of these helmet cams.  As of now, the cameras are just on trial.  Cameras can be rather expensive but these cameras were purchased in part by law enforcement and in part by a group with neighborhood safety interest.  Blackwood is one of two towns currently testing the helmet cams.

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