Hitting the Water of Indo with a GoPro HD Hero

Me and a few surfers from Tofino spent the springtime in Indonesia where I took along a GoPro HD to play around with. It’s a great tool for using in extreme conditions as well as getting some really creative angles. I was able to stick it on the front of my scooter easily while driving around the roads of Indo and take it out in the water to get another angle. The surfing in this particular video was all shot in Sumbawa. I brought along swim fins and a mask and swam out to some of the reef breaks a got a couple shots which turned out pretty good. This was all shot at 60fps which was really easy to slow down and get smooth motion. The fish-eye lens captures most of what you typically see, but you need to really get close to see your subjects best. It’s definitely something worth bringing wherever you go. It’s so small, how could you not!?

~ Adam.

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