Top Helmet Cams

If you are serious about your sport, you are probably serious about the equipment you use.  For those involved with extreme sports, capturing the action is nearly as important as the action itself.  Being able to watch video of incredible stunts, climbs or descents is one of the greatest thrills in the world of extreme sports.  Most of these athletes use helmet cams to capture just such video.  For those athletes who need the best in quality and performance from a helmet cam, here’s a few of the industry’s leading cameras.
First, the GoPro Hero Wide is one of the best deals on the market.  GoPro has long been a trusted name in the helmet cam industry and the Hero retails for only $189.  This relatively inexpensive camera captures an incredible 170 degrees of footage, giving you an all access look at the action. 

Second, VIO POV 1.5 is another great buy.  This camera is a little more expensive at around $650.  However, it captures incredible video with DVD quality.  The VIO POV even has a reviewer system that allows you to see video right after you film.  The VIO POV is one of the best waterproof cameras out there. 

Finally, the Contour HD by Vholdr rounds out the top three helmet cams.  This is a brand new camera that shoots video in full high definition.  At only $299, the Contour HD is a steal for anyone wanting HD imaging from their helmet cam. 

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