Iran Election Fallout Being Documented With POV Cameras?

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If you’ve paid any attention to the news for the last several days, you’ve probably seen that there has been some serious and very violent fallout from the election that took place in Iran. The media in that country moved quickly to ensure that the rest of the world wouldn’t see all of the protests, but information and video footage is still getting out of the country. One of the ways that this is being done is with cell phone cameras and other small POV cameras that are allowing people to take pictures and video of what’s taking place and get it to reporters or post it on the Internet.

The idea is that these people are interested in showing the rest of the world what is really happening there, instead of only what the news media in Iran wants to show – which is definitely not the same thing. Regardless of whether you think that the election is right or wrong, and regardless of how you feel about the people of Iran, POV cameras are bringing the world information about that country and its people that might otherwise never have been seen. It’s a very important time for the world and for Iran in particular, so allowing everyone to see what’s really happening could go a long way toward changing things. 

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