Liquid Image Blue Water Lens Filters & Side Lights, Oh My!

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Liquid Image Blue Water Lens Filter

Use the Blue Water Filter with natural sunlight in shallow blue-green tropical fresh and salt water. The filter is designed to bring out the colors underwater from slightly below the surface to approximately 24ft / 8m. Colors underwater are not as vibrant as above water because of the filtering effect of natural light wavelengths by water. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow are diminished within a few meters under water and change dramatically as you go deeper. The Filters help the digital camera color correct for this effect and bring out the colors. The Filter snaps onto the front lens for use and onto the large cap for storage.


  • Model #: 370
  • Product Title:  Blue Water Filter
  • Water: Blue-Green Tropical Fresh and Salt Water
  • Used for: Video and Still Images
  • Maximum Depth: Wet Mount - no depth maximum
  • Diameter of filter 45mm(1.75”)
  • Weight: 9g (.3oz)
  • Fits all Camera Mask Models: 301, 302, 310, 311, 320 and 321

helmet cam  helmet cam

Liquid Image 4.7W Side Light and Bracket

The Waterproof Torches are intended to bring light directly in front of your eyes and your Camera Mask lens and light up the subject in front of you.  The lights do not pull on the mask and are not heavy to the user.  Once in the water, you will forget about the lights even being mounted to the side of your mask.

The 4.7W light is a stronger broader beam light which is considered more as a Primary Light source than a Spot Light.  The broad spread of the light is perfect for Video as the beam does not have a bright hot spot. With two 4.7W Torches, the colors become more vivid and night dives light up for perfect video and photo experiences.

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