Filming with the GoPro HD Hero from a Longboarder’s Perspective.

For those of you who have yet to hear about longboarding, basically it is an alternative form of skateboarding, which involves riding hills similar to snowboarding, with influences from surfing, and the ability to commute, all in the form of a “long” skateboard, or longboard.


There are numerous disciplines, but the most common and most popular are racing and free-riding.  Racing involves attending sanctioned races, outlaw races, and practicing on open roads, and generally going as fast as possible. Free-riding is more open ended, and creative, involving carving (similar to snowboarding) and sliding, which is similar to “drifting” in motorsport. When you free-ride you control your speed by performing “power-slides” similarly to drifting a car. Sliding is another discipline on its own, amongst many other niche disciplines. Sliding is also a functional way of stopping or slowing down. The other way to stop is “foot-braking” which involves taking a foot off the board and dragging it on the road. Both take practice and confidence to be able to execute properly.

Longboarding and GoPro Cameras seem to be a match made in heaven. Since the day the first generation came out, people started bombing hills with them and they quickly became the amateur filmmakers camera of choice for documenting and sharing their skating and sharing their stoke. GoPro’s rugged, user friendly design, along with its multiple helmet attachment options, meant it was the easiest, best value for money POV camera available. The HD version continued this winning combination and is highly popular with skaters looking to capture and share their exploits.

GoPro on BoardGoPro Casing protects
GoPro saves the day with its durable waterproof housing, protecting the HD Hero from high impact wipeouts at speeds up to 95km/h!

It is nice to know that the GoPro HD Hero has got you covered, thanks to its durable waterproof housing… the camera is protected from high speed collisions at insane speeds…so if the housing cracks, all you have to do is pick up a replacement case, not a new camera. GoPro is great that way. You can’t do that with other POV cams. The above image is the aftermath of a face-plant into a pile up of other boarders during a race… the rider was fine… and so was his Hero!

If you would like to learn how to properly foot-brake when bombing at insane speeds on your long board, watch the tutorial below… you may find it useful…

Part of the appeal of the GoPro Hero HD is its extreme versatility in terms of mounting options.

~Matt Arderne~

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By Katie
01 08 2010 at 12:04 PM

GoPro has a killer warranty on all their stuff which is hard to find these days.  Once you see the footage from the HD version, you’ll never go back to the original