A little bit of GoPro LOVE from our Vimeo friend - Michael Williams

I started using GoPro when they first released their standard definition Surf HERO model. I was excited to be able to utilize underwater photography at such an affordable price point. When they released the HD Surf HERO, of course I was sold. When I started using it I was impressed once again.

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The camera is great because it is so versatile. It comes with numerous mounts and you can purchase additional mounts as well. Since the camera is so small and lightweight, it’s easy for people to get creative and construct their own unique mounts for whatever the purpose. I’ve yet to do so but will definitely be thinking up something in the near future. Recently an article about a rig for attaching the camera to an old-fashioned kitchen timer for panning time-lapses spiked my interest. For the time being I have simply been attaching two wrist straps for safety and hand holding the camera. I like using my arm as a tripod and with it I am able to achieve any movement I want. When I’m not strapping the camera to myself, the small size allows me to get really unique perspectives simply by placing the camera in places I wouldn’t have thought to place a camera in the past.

I love the fact that the camera doesn’t waste itself with a display or viewing device. For example I enjoy going out shooting a bunch of photos of a surfer catching a beautiful wave and having the thrill of waiting to get home to see if I nailed a good shot. It makes it almost like film, but good in the sense that you have so much space on your SD card and simply have to plug the USB cable into your computer, (for free) to reveal your work.

Making this camera so much fun is the fact that the HD Hero has so many shooting modes and aspect ratios including full 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps or 30fps, plus numerous time-lapse settings for stills. I’m constantly thinking of new things to shoot with the camera in and out of the water, because it’s so easy and convenient to take anywhere. Most recently I took it along on my cross country road trip. Not wanting to lug a big camera around, I brought my GoPro which gave me the ability to capture awesome, full HD video on top of great stills. With a camera like this, creativity is easily inspired, which is why my HD Surf HERO is one of my favorites. Good stuff.

~Michael Williams~

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