Loving the LIttle Things the ContourGPS has Goin’ on

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So with the release of the ContourGPS HD Camera, Contour has addressed some previously concerning features. One of their improvements happens to be the all new locking latched cover over the battery and memory card. This replaces the previous design, a clip which has the tendency to shoot open while you slid the record button to off with a gloved hand. Now that it has been designed to be tough and secure, there is no fear about water getting inside the camera, which is a handy feature, when you find yourself in wet conditions.

ContourGPS latchContourGPS latch
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The other big improvement is the sound recording system. Upon design of the GPS model, the microphone has found a new home, at the front of the camera, right beneath the lens. Designed by a rocket scientist.. yes, I said rocket scientist…, the new and improved audio system grabs much cleaner audio, with less wind noise and distortion. So now, no matter what, you can be confident that you are recording more of the sounds you want, with less howl from the wind.

With the GPS function comes another cool feature. It may seem like a small thing.. but Contour has included a handy little GPS light, which changes from red to green when you acquire a GPS signal. The benefit here is obvious, because you’re always aware when your system is engaged and pinpointing your location…  so ride your heart out and capture your bragging rights with confidence. Take a look at our Contour GPS review, and get a sneak peak at the GPS feature in action via a test video from Contour.

Make sure you check out what Christie from Contour has to say about the new ContourGPS camera, Mike from PointofViewCameras.com caught up with her at Interbike 2010.

What do you guys and girls think? Hit us with your questions and comments, we would like to get some first hand knowledge and videos from all of you as soon as you receive your very own, awesome, new GPS Contours!

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