Tossing Around a GoPro HD HERO

Check out what happens when you get creative with a GoPro, a MonoPod and a group of Bladers... pretty killer stuff!

I have seen a few sample videos using the GoPro Ride HERO Seatpost and Handlebar Tube Clamp Mount on bikes and other poles, which gave me the idea for this video. I thought why not mount the camera on a pole to hold and throw around while skating and see what it looks like. I mounted the camera facing the pole and the subject holding it (see picture), which gave it a unique look, like everything around the pole is moving. It was a little awkward to skate with, but easy to get used to, with the GoPro HD Hero being so small it wasn’t hard to hold and skate. I got some local rollerbladers together to try it out, pressed record on the GoPro and told them to just skate, throw it around, and have fun. This video is what came out of all the footage.

helmet camhelmet cam
GoPro mounted using Ride Hero Accessory. Click for larger view.

Also try mounting the GoPro HD Hero to a telescoping monopod for the same effect.

~Anthony G.~

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