New Contour Mount Kits now available

Contour Mount Kits

Contour has introduced five, sport-specific Mount Kits for Snow, Bike, Moto, Outdoor, and Helmets. These kits will make it much easier for shoppers to purchase the right accessories for their preferred activity and offer the optimum mounting combinations in one easy package.

These kits are inspired by Contour’s athletes and sports and feature these benefits:

  • Easy to Buy by Sport: Each Contour Mount Kit contains mounts designed with your chosen sport in mind, ensuring a great experience no matter what your activity.
  • Easy to Use: Contour mounts are versatile, reliable, and easy to use. Whether your sport involves mud, dirt, snow, freezing temperatures, high speeds, heavy gloves, a helmet or all of the above, Contour Mount Kits will perform to your sport’s demand.
  • Includes a Carry Bag:Each kit includes a Weatherproof Carry Bag to help keep all of your gear organized. The bag is compact and fits easily into a small backpack or camera bag.
  • Cost Effective: Each mount kit offers a 30% saving compared to buying each mount individually.

Snow Mounts

Contour Snow Mounts

The perfect combination for capturing all the action on the snow. Includes two easy to use helmet mounts, a Goggle Strap Mount, and the new Contour Pole Mount allowing you to attach your Contour Camera to any standard ski pole (11-18mm diameter) for recording epic winter adventures.

Bike Mounts

Contour Bike Mounts

Whether you like skinny tires or fat tires, this kit offers the ultimate mounting combination for all your bike pursuits. Use the helmet mounts on either a vented or full face helmet or use the Bar Mount on handbars (15-33mm diameter) for a different perspective. The included Flex Strap Mount lets you attache your camera to a seat post, chain stay, or nearly any bar.

Moto Mounts

Contour Moto Mounts

This versatile combination of mounts for all motorsports includes the Suction Cup Mount to stick your camera to any windshield or body of a vehicle. Use the Flex Strap Mount on roll bars and handle bars. The Profile Mount is great for ow profile options and the Rotating Adhesive Mount allows you to get the perfect angle.

Outdoor Mounts

Contour Outdoor Mounts

The all-around mounting solution for any outdoor pursuits. Attach your Contour Camera to your head, cap, or any pole using the Headband Mount, Hat Mount or Flex Strap Mount to capture great videos while fishing, climbing or trekking.

Helmet Mounts

Contour Helmet Mounts

Get all the combinations of mounts for any helmet type. Whether you’re using a vented, motocross, downhill, snow, ska,e or climbing hat, this kit will have you covered.

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