New ContourGPS Firmware Upgrade

Hey guys just a heads up.

If you are a ContourGPS owner, you might want to give your camera the latest firmware update.

The latest version is 1.13, basically this new version will fix any problems between your bluetooth connection and iOS devices. The firmware also sorts out the 1/2 switch not fuctioning properly while your camera is powered on.

To get the latest firmware make sure your battery is fully charged. While your camera is connected to your computer launch storyteller and it will ask you if you want to do a firmware upgrade.. yes. Follow instructions and copy firmware to your camera.

Make sure you properly unmount the camera and then disconnect it from your computer.

Hold down the secret button in front of the record switch while you power the camera on. The lights on the back of the camera will flash twice then alternately flash red. At this time let go of the secret button and wait a few minutes and when the memory and battery lights stop flashing you should be good to go!

ContourGPS Firmware 1.13

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