Oregon Scientific launches their best camera yet - the ATC9K 1080p HD

The Oregon Scientific ATC9K 1080p HD Video Camera

ATC9K 1080p HD Video Camera

As the market surges with the introduction of so many HD action sports cameras, Oregon Scientific catches up to the competition with the pending release of their brand new ATC9K 1080p HD Video Camera. The ATC9K is specially designed for extreme sports enthusiasts and industry professionals who want to capture the highest quality film possible without weighing themselves down with cumbersome equipment. This smart little camera films in true 1080p HD format at 30 frames per second, but can also record at 720p at either 30 or 60 fps, in addition to snapping 5 megapixel stills. Both videos and photos can be instantly played back with the LCD color display… because the ATC9K is the first model of its kind on the market to offer this feature. In addition to all of this great stuff, your recording capabilities are enhanced with the inclusion a remote control, which enables easier use when the camera is mounted on your helmet , goggles or handlebar. But the ATC9K has more than that up its sleeve…

Oregon Scientific ATC9K
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What’s so different about the ATC9K?

The Oregon Scientific ATC9K is specifically intended for the use of action sports, that can mean anything from snowboarding and skiing, motocross, cycling, wake-boarding or water-skiing… It was designed to capture all of the hard hitting action of extreme sports junkies without missing out on any moves, techniques or crazy tricks, while maintaining excellent performance detail in the process - thanks to its ability to measure the force of gravity during acceleration.

But that isn’t all that’s different about this unique little camera… it is also has an optional GPS plug-in, which enables users to map their location, speed and distance traveled using Google Maps or Google Earth. Meanwhile, upon playback on a computer, you will be able to see your corresponding location, acceleration, altitude and Google Map. This is a useful tool for racers who want to keep track of every race and learn about new trails.

Let’s talk about waterproofing

So many cameras on the market require an extra case in order for it to be water worthy… The ATC9K by Oregon Scientific has been designed with a completely waterproof body that is good up to 20 meters. A perfect candidate for Scuba divers in search of stunning coral reefs and rainy day warriors who brave the muck for that perfect ride, the ATC9K 1080p HD is also a superb choice for wake-boarders as it enables them to record their acceleration and distance. A truly versatile camera that will have your back covered, regardless of the terrain you venture in to.

Shoot with sound, or without…

Equipped with a built in microphone, the ATC9K enables you to playback captured sound and narration, enabling you to create footage with full audio. But if silence is what you prefer, no problem, because with the ability to record with shutter and other camera sounds turned off.. you can take this camera pretty much anywhere you want. With the option of recording with the LED light off, you are always ensured optimal discretion.

More mounting options than you can imagine!

The adaptability of the Oregon Scientific ATC9K lets you mount it to pretty much anything to capture variations of angles to shake up your films. Plus, the package comes with everything you need to mount it your your helmet, handle bar and goggles. If you are seeking other mounts for this versatile little camera, there is also a suction cup mount, perfect for windshield recording and a flex mount which enables you to stick the ATC9K pretty much anywhere! Your imagination is the only thing stopping you with this camera, so get creative, and make sure you show us your results!

It’s not here yet, but it’s coming…

You heard me right, the ATC9K 1080p HD Video Camera by Oregon Scientific has not yet been released - but we are awaiting its arrival, slated for shipping in early October, 2010. Stay tuned for our box opening and test videos, they will be posted soon!

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