GoPro HD HERO Approach to Runway

There is no better way to spend a beautiful day than flying.  Not just any old straight and level boring flying but mixing it up with some aerobatics and formation flying.  With my Vans RV4 it’s easy to do.  The plane is an amateur built experimental with a full “glass” instrument panel.  I purchased my GoPro HD a couple of months ago and found it easy with the suction cup mount to attach it to the inside of the canopy.  I have not had enough nerve to mount it to the outside yet because I routinely fly upwards of 200mph and pull 3-4 g’s so need a clean airframe, plus I’d hate for it to fly off at altitude and land somewhere bad.  The video was my first day out with it.  The settings are r2 – widest HD video 16:9 @ 30 fps, 720p.  It was edited using Roxio which was easy for a rookie videographer like me to handle.  Output to mp4 then uploaded.
In the video I am lead of a 2 ship formation flight doing an overhead approach to land.  My wingman is off to my 4 o’clock so not visible in the video.  You see me giving him the “kiss off” before making my “break” so he knows when to expect it.  In the break I pull 2 g’s, pull off all the power  and dump in all the flaps then descend in a semi-circle pattern to landing.  This is a military style landing used to land large numbers of aircraft in a minimal amount of time and used extensively in formation flying for the same reason….plus it looks really cool from the ground. 

~Michael Regen~

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