Pitt Lake Shenanigans

Playing around in a speed boat on beautiful Pitt Lake sounds pretty chill, but Mark Zealand and some buddies take advantage of the sun and the water with the Drift HD170 - grabbing some killer footage of all the shenanigans they managed to get up to.

Opening the video with a sped up drive out to Pitt Lake, the buttery smooth clarity of the HD170 is demonstrated, but as soon as they hit the lakeā€¦ they’re ready to get up to no good. Using the camera with a variety of mounts, on the body, the boat, and even on the outboard, some pretty slick shots are captured. Slowing down the footage as they hit the rope swing to tie into the beats, drops the energy down a bit, bringing a well placed element of chill to the clip. As the camera is submerged, the movement of the rushing water cleanses the footage as Mark resurfaces, changing the pace nicely for the next bit of fun - hitting the tubes. Mark also snags some creative, funky angles by mounting the camera to the motor itself, making whole video sparkle as the sun shines through the drops, providing the wicked atmosphere of a BC summer day.

The clip is nicely capped off as they sail away toward the sunset, which is appropriately tied together with the beats of “One of These Days (Fort Knox Five Remix)” by Kraak and Smaak feat. U-Gene.

No matter what the subject, Mark manages to create excellent unity within his films, thanks to ideal music mixes, creative angles and a playful energy you just can’t help but keep watching.

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