Point of View Cameras Goes Mobile!

Point of View Cameras is proud to announce the launch of our new mobile site.

With the recent influx of smartphones, mobile sites have become all the rage. And for good reason; they allow content to be displayed on the small screens of these devices without having to pinch to zoom and scroll all over the place, only then to have to click a tiny link with a big ol’ finger. Well those days are are over for us, we’re proud to introduce our new mobile site! Just grab your mobile device, head to any of our sites (PointofViewCameras.com, PointofViewCameras.ca, and PointofViewCameras.co.uk) and start browsing and shopping with ease!

The mobile website, which is designed to simplify the buying process, is compatible with most popular mobile phones, platforms and devices, including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Our team has worked hard to ensure that the mobile shopping experience is just as fulfilling as it is on a PC, we hope you enjoy it!

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