POV Cameras Being Used In Space, Too

helmet cam

Point of view cameras are gaining in popularity with people from all walks of life, but especially with people who are interested in extreme sports or others areas where a person’s point of view makes for some very interesting video. These POV cameras, however, are now being used in space.

The pilot on the shuttle during launch used one to show everyone else what it really looks like to be involved in something like this. It’s quite an interesting and incredibly unique view. It makes you wonder how long before we’ll be able to walk on the moon POV in HD video via Youtube.  The future is very exciting!

Even if you don’t have something quite that unique to share with the world, you can still get a great POV camera and give your friends and family members something to see.

If you’re involved in extreme sports or anything similar, the view that you get and can share with others might be the only view of that type of thing they will ever get. You want to make it a good one. In order to do that, spend some time learning about the different options you have for cameras in your price range. Once you pick one,  learn all that you can about it, too, so you’ll be able to get the best and most exciting POV video for everyone back home (and on the Internet) to enjoy. 

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