Need A Free Hand? Try A Remote Control Helmet Cam Button

helmet cam

One of the neatest things that you can get for your helmet cam is a remote control, and when that’s set up in the form of a button that turns the helmet cam on and off, that’s even better. Even though you’re looking for some great footage, you probably don’t want your helmet cam to be operating the entire time. It just uses up the batteries when you’re not really filming anything that you want to show to others or play back. That being the case, having an on/off button that you can easily get to and that’s not actually on your helmet cam can let you get great video only when you need it, instead of getting three hours of video that you only want to save 20 minutes of.

Being digital you can just erase it, but that doesn’t mean that you should use up all of that time and battery life on things that don’t matter. Get a wearable helmet cam, get a remote control button, and only turn the camera on when it’s going to be needed. That way you’ll have some great footage and it’ll be much easier to edit because you won’t have a lot of other video filling up so much of your camera’s available memory.

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