The Best Self-Contained POV Cameras

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Self-contained POV cameras are by far the best choice when a person is trying to get great footage, use a camera that’s well-protected and won’t damage easily, and find something affordable. There are many of these kinds of cameras out there, too, and getting the ‘best’ one often relates to what you’re looking for. The more expensive the camera is the more it will do and the better images you should be able to get with it. There are some cameras, however, that are on the lower end of the price range and that still manage to take wonderful footage.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend you shouldn’t worry too much about that. Instead, look around for the best deals, see what others are saying about the various kinds of cameras, and stay within your budget. You’re sure to find something that you really like in a self-contained POV camera that you can afford. The GoPro Hero and the VholdR are two of the top contenders for POV cameras that are completely self-contained, and they are both in a price range that most people could afford, especially if they’re serious about getting a self-contained POV camera. Even if you’re just starting out, these are good choices for you because they have a lot of great features for a pretty low price.

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