New Helmet Cam Technology For Soldiers?

helmet cam

Helmet cams have long been used by extreme sports enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors.  Helmet cams can make a rafting trip unforgettable, or give you priceless images of a motorcycle ride through the countryside.  Certain police forces in the UK and Canada have started to implement these helmet cams to fight crime.  Now, similar technology could be used to improve the effectiveness of soldiers. 

These helmet cams, though, are slightly more advanced than the average helmet cam you might be familiar with.  A professor from Southern Methodist University, Marc Christensen, is currently developing paper thin cameras.  These cameras are only 5 millimeters thick and can still produce quality images.  The technology, known as Panoptes, has the capability to capture 60 to 90 images in a single second and doesn’t have the common problems most small cameras do. 

The system being developed by Dr. Christensen doesn’t need the use of a large lens to capture high quality images.  Rather, the technology employs the use of small, tiny imagers or cameras.  These tiny cameras work independently of each other and combine to form the images captured.  These incredibly flat screens will be used in planes and for ground soldiers as helmet cams. 

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