Don't Tape Me, Bro!

taser camera taser

Looks like sports enthusiasts aren’t the only ones using pov cams. Taser, yes that Taser, is producing a camera taser, a point of view camera for police and law enforcement use.

The system consists of a headcam, control hub and record/playback unit.

The Taser Axon camera mounts over the ear like a jogging headphone with a built in earpiece. However, the headcam can be mounted over glasses, helmets or other gear. The head unit connects to a hub which features single button push to talk radio or camera operation.

A separate playback unit has a 4.3 inch touchscreen LCD screen with storage and up to 12 hour operation.

We are always on the lookout for new pov cam products and the tactical/law enforcement camera field is an area we are investigating procuring product for. Let us know if you have any interest in these types of cameras.

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