The Drift HD170 and the GoPro HD Hero go to War

After viewing many of our posts and reviews on the Drift HD170, our friend Richard decided to pick up an HD170 for his own personal use… but since he also owns a GoPro HD Hero… he decided to make a comparison video between the Drift HD170 and the GoPro HD Hero from an original vantage point…the sky.

The 2 cameras seem to perform comparably with their wide fields of view, but the Drift (in this particular video) seems to have washed out the colour a little bit, whereas the GoPro footage displays a far more lush take on the color. However, the exposure can be adjusted on the Drift HD170, while the GoPro HD Hero has automatic exposure. So depending on the control factor you are looking for… either are still a terrific option.

The other issue displayed in Richard’s comparison is the fog factor that the GoPro HD Cameras can experience. Combatted with the of GoPro’s anti-fog inserts, the problem can be eliminated - but the Drift displayed no issues with fog or obstruction of clarity within the clip. So if you are planning on taking the HD Hero into a potentially humid situation, make sure you arm yourself with the anti-fog inserts just so you’re covered against any potential fogging.

Overall, both the Drift HD170 and the GoPro HD Hero performed well, with a few minor issues - but with proper planning and awareness of these imperfections, I am confident that you can prevent them from occurring and come out ahead of the game with some incredible footage. These are both superb cameras, which do capture action footage from your point of view, exceptionally well.

So take a look and decide for yourself which is the winner n your books and post your winner below!

A special thanks goes out to Richard for sharing this comparison with us.

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By PointofViewCameras
09 09 2010 at 09:11 AM

True, but I guess since he wanted to get more angles without having to buy more cameras haha. If he did the flight twice, the conditions would likely have been different. It does show some differences however…

By Dennis
09 09 2010 at 10:14 PM

Richard had the strips in - they didn’t stop the fogging

By PointofViewCameras
20 09 2010 at 09:24 AM

Yeah, I asked him about that actually, I didn’t realize that he had the strips in. He said that he would try doubling up on them next time, I guess it must have been pretty humid up there that day. He said that other pilots suggest to use the camera with the open back to reduce fogging which is all good… unless you happen to fly through rain… Still a great camera, and I thought the GoPro had a more natural take on the color…

By Evren
28 03 2012 at 01:18 AM

colour preroduction is a matter of taste and your own opinion one of the reasons we have stayed with the Contour cameras is because it is too streamline and does not look out of place while on the bike or even the helmet.  Does it make it better than the competitors?  Not sure. Also, good point about the video format and how much power a computer must need.  Filming in HD takes up space and uses mega power.  But oh the results in the end versus standard def is obvious.  Thanks again for the comment.!