The GoPro HD HERO Firmware Update is Here

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After much anticipation and a long wait, we’re extremely excited to announce the release of the GoPro Firmware update V.02.05.11 for the HD Hero. With this brand new version, some missing features from the previous version are addressed, in addition, a few new ones are introduced - adding a great deal more worth to this slick little camera system.

Film in Upside Down Mode

Previously mentioned in the GoPro HD manual, Upside Down Mode (UPd) is now available for the HD Hero, enabling you to grab stellar shots from every angle, no matter what position you happen to be in. So, if it happens to be easier to mount the camera upside down, you don’t have to go through the motions of rotating the files once they are downloaded to your computer, everything’s saved to your SD card right side up.

One Button Mode

A new feature sported by the HD Hero is One Button Mode, which simplifies the whole video and photo recording process. Ideal for wet and/or cold conditions as it creates less movement and interference, this mode will definitely assist in reducing the amount of fog and moisture that may be experienced within the case of the HD Hero. One button mode enables the camera to begin recording as soon as the camera is powered ON and will remain in record mode until the camera is powered OFF. Because this is such a simplistic mode, it’s the perfect setting for new users, or when you are lending your camera to friends.

Live Feed Out and Live Feed On Screen Display Modes

The HD Hero is also equipped with Live Feed Out mode which allows you to display live feed SD or HD video directly from the camera to a TV, handheld viewer or video transmitter. This mode also allows you to review, preview and record saved files, while capturing a live feed video signal. Now that’s a pretty solid feature a lot people were looking for… and now, here it is! In addition to this, the new Firmware enables you to display the battery life, camera mode and recording status icons right on your live feed video signal when ‘Live Feed On Screen Display” is turned on… for live feed without the icons, simply turn it off.

PAL 25/50 fps Support

Lastly the new Firmware provides PAL 25/50 fps Support. If you live in a PAL region (most regions outside of North America) you can now record in the PAL broadcast standard of 25 / 50 fps in the following resolutions: r1: WVGA 50fps; r2: 1280x720 25fps; r3: 1280x720 50fps; r4: 1280x960 25fps and r5: 1920x1080 25fps.

There are so many great new features bursting out of the HD Hero thanks to GoPro’s long awaited Firmware update, so get on it and update yours now!

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By P Mull
30 01 2011 at 02:03 PM

I have found that TV playback on some sets may show no signal on the screen. I found that even though all of the TVs where bought in the US some required PAL and some required nSC to work

By PointOfViewCameras
31 01 2011 at 12:46 PM

@P Mull
For Standard Definition and HDTV’s purchased from North American retail stores should all be NTSC compatible. Please ensure that you’ve selected the correct input on your TV when using the TV playback option.